Grab Dinner At The Beach House

Two friends are laughing and taking a selfie
Are you in a bit of a dinner rut? It seems like you have the same meals over and over, and your taste buds are bored. You can break out of your rut in a big way by eating dinner at the Beach House in Decatur, IL. From the views... [read more]

March Is American Red Cross Month

American Red Cross Sign
The first American Red Cross Month took place in March 1943, and it’s occurred during the same month every year since. This is the time to rally around and support the humanitarian organization. While March is almost over, you can still help out. Check out some ways you can support the... [read more]

Reduce Seasonal Allergies This Year

woman sneezing from spring allergies
On the one hand, you absolutely love spring. After all, it’s full of warm weather, blooming flowers, and lots of sunshine. But then, there’s the other side of the spring, which you know all too well if you suffer from seasonal allergies. As soon as you see the first flower... [read more]

Gear Up In The 2022 Passport TrailSport

Honda Passport
You might spend most of your time driving on the roads, but sometimes, it’s fun to go off the beaten path. Fortunately, hitting the trails is a breeze with the 2022 Passport TrailSport. This is the first of Honda’s new TrailSport models, with more to follow. Check out the rugged... [read more]

Make Movie Night Memorable

best friends having home movie night
Watching a film at a theater is always enjoyable, but you can increase the fun by hosting a DIY movie night for your friends or family. You’ve likely popped in a Blu-ray or streamed a film at home with others before, but a DIY movie night takes the experience to... [read more]

Get Ready For Spring Sports Season

young football players stacking hands before match
With winter in full swing, spring sports season might be the last thing on your mind. However, the days fly by fast so that it could sneak up on you. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll start the season feeling stressed and dealing with chaos. Fortunately, you can leave the stress... [read more]

Navigate The Road With Honda Sensing

woman hands driving a car
The roads are full of potential hazards and distractions, which means driving can be challenging at times. Fortunately, you can get some help by choosing a vehicle that’s outfitted with Honda Sensing technology. These driver-assistive and safety technologies are standard or available in most Hondas and will help you get... [read more]

Decadent Valentine’s Desserts

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you’re probably thinking about what to do for that special someone. You’ll knock it out of the park this year by serving a delicious, homemade dessert. While there are tons of options, these decadent Valentine’s desserts are in a league of their own. Get the details... [read more]

There’s So Much To See At The Kirkland Fine Arts Center

classic ballerinas performing
The Kirkland Fine Arts Center at Millikin University in Decatur is the place to go for music, dance, and theatrical productions. It also hosts a Performing Arts Series each season. The current 2021-22 series is in full swing, and you can still catch some performances. Check out what’s on the... [read more]

No-Stress Slow Cooker Recipes

White Chicken Chili
Coming up with something for dinner each night can be stressful. It’s hard to find the mental energy or the time to craft something each night, and the stress might be wearing on you. Fortunately, the stress will melt away when you tackle these dump-and-go slow cooker recipes. They’re so... [read more]