Make Movie Night Memorable

best friends having home movie night

Watching a film at a theater is always enjoyable, but you can increase the fun by hosting a DIY movie night for your friends or family. You’ve likely popped in a Blu-ray or streamed a film at home with others before, but a DIY movie night takes the experience to the next level. Get some tips to help you make movie night memorable.

Upgrade Your Setup

You can use your existing TV and sound system on movie night if you want. However, if you intend to host lots of movie nights, consider upgrading your setup to create a theater-like experience. You can get a Bluetooth movie projector to stream films from your mobile device and a screen to display the motion picture. You might even want to upgrade to a surround sound system so the audio will rock just like it does in the theater.

Create a Guest List

Next, you’ll need to create a guest list for your event. After adding all the names, print out movie theater tickets to use as invitations. Once printed, mail them to your guests so they can save the date. Make sure you request RSVPs to keep track of who is attending.

Choose a Film

After your guest list is set, it’ll be time to choose a film. Think about the people who will be attending. What types of movies do they like? If you aren’t sure, you can send your guest list a few choices and have them vote. Then you’ll show them the winning film when they come to your home.

Create Your Menu

A movie night wouldn’t be complete without a themed menu full of delicious food. Think about the foods that go with the film you’ve selected, and then plan your menu. For instance, if you’re showing “Toy Story,” pizza would be a big hit. Then your guests can pretend that they’re at Pizza Planet instead of your home.

What if you can’t come up with a menu that fits your film’s theme? Instead of going that route, you can set up a concession stand full of staples like nachos, chili dogs, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Your guests will feel like they’re at the drive-in when they see all these goodies.

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Don’t Forget the Snacks

Your guests might chow down on dinner, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want snacks. After all, it’s hard to watch a film without munching on popcorn and other goodies. Load up on popcorn, candy, and other popular snacks so your guests can get their fill while watching the movie.

Your movie night will be a success if you implement these tips. Then your house will become the go-to place to see films on the big screen.

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