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The Perfect Movie List For Movie Night This Fall

Back view of a couple watching TV on sofa in the living room. Man is changing channels.
If you’re looking for something fun to do this fall, consider having people over to watch movies. Whether family members, friends, or a significant other, you want to choose the right movie. The good news, there’s an endless list of options. So, you’ll choose based on the genre that everyone... [read more]

Make Movie Night Memorable

best friends having home movie night
Watching a film at a theater is always enjoyable, but you can increase the fun by hosting a DIY movie night for your friends or family. You’ve likely popped in a Blu-ray or streamed a film at home with others before, but a DIY movie night takes the experience to... [read more]

Come Out To See A Movie At Movies In The Park!

Movies In The Park
You love going to the movies, but these days, it’s more expensive than ever. Plus, you may not even like what’s coming out lately. However, there is a way to get around that and still see one of your all-time favorite movies. How? Just come out to see “The Sandlot”... [read more]

See A Movie At The Avon Theater

Avon Theater
Calling all cinema buffs! If you’re a movie lover who prefers big screens and buttery buckets of popcorn to Netflix on your couch, the 103-year-old Avon Theater in downtown Decatur has all the nostalgia of old-fashioned moving pictures with a very contemporary roster of films. Movie Night at The Avon The Avon... [read more]