The Perfect Movie List For Movie Night This Fall

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If you’re looking for something fun to do this fall, consider having people over to watch movies. Whether family members, friends, or a significant other, you want to choose the right movie. The good news, there’s an endless list of options. So, you’ll choose based on the genre that everyone enjoys. Here are some incredible options.

Practical Magic

Although this movie came out in 1998, it remains a great choice. The movie is about two sisters, both of them witches. However, they’re quite different from each other. After one sister had a curse cast on her, the two try to solve the problem.


This sweet and adventurous film first appeared in 2009. It’s the story of an 11-year-old girl who finds a hidden door inside a house where the family recently moved. Going through the door, she discovers that it leads to a magical place complete with dancing rats and a black cat. However, this world might also be evil.

Knives Out

For guests who like a good mystery, consider this 2019 movie. It follows a famous and wealthy man who, under strange circumstances, ends up dead. As a result, the police look at everyone as a possible suspect.

Mystic Pizza

If you’re searching for a love story, you’ll appreciate this 1988 movie. In it, three best friends who live in a small seaside Connecticut town learn about love and romance. If nothing else, it’ll give you the chance to reminisce about your younger years.

Addams Family Values

Although this movie goes back to 1993, it remains popular. If you thought you knew the Addams Family, you’ll learn more about them after watching this film. It’s funny, light-hearted, and slightly cheeky.

Silence of the Lambs

For something downright twisted and scary, it’s hard to beat the Silence of the Lambs from 1991. It doesn’t matter how many times you or your guest have seen it; the film is always a good scare. Both Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins give stellar performances.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this iconic cartoon. After all, it’s all about Charlie Brown. Especially if you plan to watch movies on or around Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

You’ve Got Mail

Yes, this 1998 movie is on the sappy side but aren’t the holidays about getting closer to family members and friends? You’ll get to watch actors Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as they meet in the most unusual way. It’s a classic.

When Harry Met Sally

As long as everyone in the group you invite over for movie night is an adult, you should have no problem with this 1989 film. Get ready to laugh a lot. After all, it has some hilarious moments.

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The Craft

In this case, you’ll go on an adventure in this 1996 movie as four friends who follow witchcraft seek revenge on people who wronged them.

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