March Is American Red Cross Month

American Red Cross Sign

The first American Red Cross Month took place in March 1943, and it’s occurred during the same month every year since. This is the time to rally around and support the humanitarian organization. While March is almost over, you can still help out. Check out some ways you can support the American Red Cross this March and beyond.

Lend a Helping Hand by Volunteering

If you have some extra time, you can volunteer with the American Red Cross. Positions vary and include blood donor ambassadors to greet, register, and support blood donors. You can also volunteer as a transportation specialist to deliver platelets and blood to nearby hospitals or help on the front lines as a disaster action team member.

What if you have some extra time but not enough to travel to a volunteer location? That’s not a problem since the American Red Cross also has virtual volunteer positions available.

Help the Red Cross Respond to Crisis With a Donation

According to the American Red Cross, it responds to someone in a crisis or emergency every eight minutes. As you can imagine, that’s a costly endeavor, and the organization could use your help. You can give once or set up a recurring monthly donation to provide continuing support. Either way, you can rest assured that the American Red Cross will put your money to good use.

Take a Training Class

Along with providing emergency response services, the American Red Cross strives to help everyone prepare for and make it through emergencies. They offer in-person and online training classes for a small fee. You can learn first aid, CPR, and other skills to render aid to children and adults. Once you know the skills, you can make a difference in an emergency.

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Participate in a Blood Drive

The American Red Cross has struggled to maintain its blood supply this year. You can help the organization increase its supply by donating. It’s a simple process. You just need to enter your zip code into the Red Cross’s website, and it will display blood drives in your area.

American Red Cross Month is coming to a close, so take action today. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just helping during this month. Volunteer, donate, take classes, and give blood throughout the year to continue to show your support and help those in need.

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