Start Journaling This Year

woman writing in journal
It’s a new year, meaning now’s a fantastic time to introduce positive habits. With that in mind, consider starting a journal this year. Journaling can reduce stress, improve positivity, and so much more. Plus, it’s nice to have a record of your life that you can look back on down... [read more]

Your Guide To Buying A New Car

Success will get you everything you want
Are you in the market for a new car but aren’t sure how to proceed? Since it’s such a big purchase, you want to make sure you buy the right vehicle for your driving style and needs. Go over some tips for buying a new car, so you’ll know the... [read more]

Get Breakfast All Day At The Downtown Café And Bakery

Eating breakfast
Who says breakfast is only meant to be eaten in the morning? It’s an all-day thing at the Downtown Café and Bakery in Decatur, so you can enjoy the morning meal during business hours. That means breakfast is on the menu on Mondays to Saturdays, from 6:30 a.m. to 2... [read more]

Fun Holiday Crafts For All Ages

Little Girl Making Christmas Card
Are you searching for fun activities to enjoy with your family during the holiday season? How about making crafts? Your entire family can get in on the fun this year when you tackle these easy crafts. Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Ornament Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift or something to hang... [read more]

Where To Buy A Real Tree This Year

daughter and father shopping for Christmas tree
Do you want your Christmas to be a bit more magical this year? You can infuse a heavy dose of magic by buying a real tree. First, find out where to buy a real tree in and around Decatur this year. Then, head out to make your Christmas dreams come... [read more]

How To Properly Warm Up Your Car

Mature man traveling by car during the winter
You aren’t the only one that has some trouble getting going in the winter. It turns out your car needs a little extra time to get up to full speed when it’s cold outside. A warm car is more efficient, plus it’s a lot more comfortable to drive. Fortunately, you... [read more]

Learn And Play At The Children’s Museum Of Illinois

Young black girl looking at a science exhibit, close up
You can make learning fun by taking your kids to the Children’s Museum of Illinois. The 27,000 square foot facility is geared toward kids aged two to 10 and has dozens of exhibits and activities that teach critical thinking and more. While learning might be on the agenda, kids have... [read more]

8 Tricks To Upgrade Your Table Setting

Shot of a table set up for a Thanksgiving celebration at home
Are you trying to come up with the perfect tablescape for your next dinner party? Your table setting sets the tone for the event, so the importance cannot be understated. Fortunately, you can knock it out of the park by using these tricks to upgrade your table setting. 1. Choose China... [read more]

Make Your Turkey The Star With These Tips

Having Traditional Holiday Stuffed Turkey Dinner
Do you have a love-hate relationship with Thanksgiving turkeys? You love biting into a moist, succulent turkey, but you can’t stand preparing it because it never comes out quite right. You can change that this year by following these turkey preparation tips. Then your turkey is sure to be the... [read more]

Vehicle Maintenance You Can (And Should) Do At Home

Checking tire pressure with pressure gauge
You don’t have to be a mechanic or even be knowledgeable about automobiles to handle basic car maintenance tasks at home. In fact, some tasks are so easy that it doesn’t make sense to pay someone else to do them for you. Let’s go over some basic vehicle maintenance you... [read more]