Learn And Play At The Children’s Museum Of Illinois

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You can make learning fun by taking your kids to the Children’s Museum of Illinois. The 27,000 square foot facility is geared toward kids aged two to 10 and has dozens of exhibits and activities that teach critical thinking and more. While learning might be on the agenda, kids have a blast at the Children’s Museum of Illinois. In fact, they don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re so focused on the fun. That makes it a huge win for parents and children alike. Get the details on some of the museum’s top experiences so you’ll take in the highlights when visiting.

Put Your Kids on the Case in the Heroes Hall

The Heroes Hall might be the most popular exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Illinois. The sprawling exhibit takes up an entire wing and gives your kids the chance to break a big case. They’ll put on a uniform and get the case details. Then they’ll be off, trying to solve the crime. They can jump in the sheriff’s helicopter, visit the crime lab, and lock up criminals. And if they aren’t quite ready to solve a case, they can begin at the Training Academy. If your little ones have active imaginations, they can easily spend a good portion of a day in the Heroes Hall.

Jam Out During Music at the Museum

If you have little kids, you’ll want to check out Music at the Museum every other Thursday at 10 a.m. It lasts for about 45 minutes and is full of singing, dancing, clapping, and playing. Plus, they will get to enjoy storytime when attending. Your little ones can burn off some energy, learn new songs, and even find out how to clap to the rhythm. And once they finish, they can take off and enjoy the rest of the museum.

Get to Work at the Children’s Museum

Do your kids wonder what you do all day when you’re at work? They can jump into the working world at the Children’s Museum of Illinois. Car enthusiasts love spending some time at the Super Service Center, where they can perform work on a kid-sized vehicle. Once there, they can find out how to rotate tires and more. They can even use the mechanic’s creeper to slide under the vehicle for repairs.

Now, if your little ones are more into construction, you should go to the Ready.Set.Build! exhibit. Once there, they can use the tools or foam blocks to make something. But it’s not all work and no play. This exhibit also has slides and more, so there’s never a dull moment.

Your little ones can even work at Mama Mia’s Pizzeria and Gelato Stand during the trip to the museum. From making pizza to checking out customers, this is make-believe at its best.

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Get Creative at the Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Illinois is also the ideal place to nurture your kids’ creative sides. They can put on a play at the CMofIL Theater or head to the Young at Art exhibit to create a masterpiece to hang on the wall. And then there’s the Paint Wall exhibit. This exhibit allows kids to paint on the walls. It might not be allowed at home, but it’s encouraged at the museum.

This is just a glimpse of all the cool exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Illinois. Head over for a day of learning and fun.

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