Where To Buy A Real Tree This Year

daughter and father shopping for Christmas tree

Do you want your Christmas to be a bit more magical this year? You can infuse a heavy dose of magic by buying a real tree. First, find out where to buy a real tree in and around Decatur this year. Then, head out to make your Christmas dreams come true.

4E’s Trees

4E’s Trees is the most popular place to get a real Christmas tree in Decatur. It’s open until Dec. 15, so you still have a little time to rush over and find the perfect tree.

You have two options when you’re at 4E’s Trees. First, you can go the traditional route by searching through the choose and cut fields. The fields contain a variety of trees, and once you find one, the staff will cut it down and tie it down to your car so you can take it home.

If you don’t’ want to walk through the fields, you can find a pre-cut tree at 4E’s Trees. And just because they’re pre-cut doesn’t mean they aren’t impressive. In fact, some of the pre-cut trees are 15 feet in height. Now, that’s sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

After securing your tree, you’ll want to visit 4E’s Trees Christmas shop. The shop’s handmade wreaths are famous in Decatur, and you can pick up some other decorations as well. Plus, you can find a special ornament or two for your new tree.


This night comes as a surprise, but you can buy a live Christmas tree from Walmart. You might not be able to pick a live tree up in the store, but you can order one online. Then, the retailer will ship it to your door. Walmart sells blue spruce, Douglas fir, and other types of trees. If you want a tree but don’t have time to go shopping, this is a solid choice.

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Menards in Forsythe, IL, is another good option for fresh-cut trees. Scotch pine, white pine, and Fraser fir trees are available in all its locations. Additionally, some stores have balsam fir and Douglas fir trees. The smallest trees are around 5 feet, and the largest go up to 10 feet.

Whether you want to walk through the fields and find the perfect tree or grab something that’s already been cut, you’ll find what you’re looking for at these spots. If you have the time, consider going to 4E’s Trees. After all, it’s hard to beat the experience of getting a tree from a real farm. However, you’ll also be happy with the trees at the other locations as well. Regardless of where you shop, your live tree will make the holiday season all the more special.

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