Fun Holiday Crafts For All Ages

Little Girl Making Christmas Card

Are you searching for fun activities to enjoy with your family during the holiday season? How about making crafts? Your entire family can get in on the fun this year when you tackle these easy crafts.

Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Ornament

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift or something to hang on your tree, this Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Ornament will do the trick. You’ll start with small wood slices and add ribbon, twine, small twigs, and more to create an adorable ornament. And don’t worry about the wood slices. You don’t have to go out to the forest to find some wood. Instead, you can buy natural wood slices and use them for your ornament.

Sock Gnomes

The holiday season means it’s time to bring out your gnomes. Instead of sticking with the usual suspects, make some sock gnomes this season. You just need a couple of socks, holiday decorations, and a few additional supplies to knock out the craft. By the time you finish, you’ll be excited to display your gnomes on the mantel or another prominent place in your home. You can even make a few extra for holiday gifts this year.

Snow Globes

Do you love decorating with snow globes, but you’re a little put off by the price? You can save money and still get fantastic results with this snow globe craft. You’ll start with a small jar and add a little toy inside of it. Then, you’ll use water, glycerin, and glitter to complete the track. Glycerin is the key to making the snow globe a success. It helps the “snow” float, making it look like an authentic snow globe.

Ombre Christmas Tree Garland

What’s a tree without garland? You won’t have to find out if you make this ombre Christmas tree garland craft. You’ll string together stiff felt, pom poms, and other material to make the garland. Then, it’ll be ready to hang on your tree or wrap around the mantle and chairs. There’s no limit to what you can do with this fun craft.

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Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf

Forget about the Elf on a Shelf. You’ll happily replace him with this cardboard tube Christmas elf craft. You’ll start with a cardboard tube and transform it with colored paper, felt, and acrylic paint. And don’t worry about making a mess. You can get kid-friendly paint for easy cleanup.

These crafts are sure to add an extra dose of holiday joy this season. You’ll have a blast making them with your family, and you’ll enjoy displaying them when you’re finished.

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