Firework Safety Tips

Firework Safety Tips
The Fourth of July will be here before you know it, so you probably have fireworks on your mind. You cannot help but imagine how much fun you will have, but safety is also important. Go over some firework safety tips for your entire family. Keep Water Handy It is important to... [read more]

Try This Campfire S’mores Recipe

Try This Campfire S'mores Recipe
Do your s’mores always come out a little blah? Maybe you overcook the marshmallows or add too many ingredients. You can fix that problem by following this campfire s’mores recipe. It is so fast and easy that you will be eating s’mores in as little as 10 minutes. S’mores Ingredients You usually need... [read more]

Event Venues In Decatur

Event Venues in Decatur
Are you planning a big event but do not have a venue in mind yet? The right venue will turn a good event into a great one, so it is a big decision. Fortunately, choosing the right one will not be an issue if you go with one of these... [read more]

Get The Most Cool Out Of Your Car AC

Get The Most Cool Out Of Your Car AC
Does your car’s air conditioner have a hard time keeping up during the heat of the summer? That’s a common complaint, but there’s a solution. Actually, there are multiple solutions to this problem, and you’ll optimize your AC by using them all. First, go over some tips to get the... [read more]

How To Host The Best BBQ

How to Host the Best BBQ. Photo of young happy family having a barbecue party in backyard
Soon, cold weather and cloudy skies will become unpleasant memories. After all, summer is just around the corner. What better thing to do during this season than to host the best BBQ? Whether you invite family members or friends, you want to do everything possible to make it successful. Here... [read more]

Travis Tritt Is Coming To The Devon Amphitheater

concert and festival background crowd of people partying
You don’t need to be a huge country music fan to enjoy this genre, especially when hearing a long-time star in person. So if you’re in Decatur, Illinois, or planning to visit this summer, now’s the time to snatch tickets to hear Travis Tritt in person. A Summer to Remember This summer,... [read more]

10 Ways To Have A Productive Summer

Smiling girl playing a guitar at home
Everyone knows that summer is the season for fun. After all, it’s warm outside, and the sky’s shining brightly. That makes it ideal for spending time at the beach, playing rounds of golf, or spending a day leisurely shopping. While that’s all great, why not make this summer productive too?... [read more]

Vehicle Do’s And Don’ts For The Summertime

Sunglasses lie on the dashboard of a car while waiting for a ride.
Summer isn’t far away, and when it arrives, the temperatures outside will soar. Depending on where you live, you’ll also have to deal with high humidity levels. While you’re probably eager for a change, take stock of what you keep in your car. In addition, have your vehicle serviced at... [read more]

Heroicon: Tabletop Gaming Convention

Low angle image of a brass 20-sided die on a character sheet in the sun. In the background are a dice bag and a notebook
More and more people are discovering the fun and creativity of tabletop gaming. And at Heroicon, fans can gather to see the newest games and developments. You might already know Heroicon is the only tabletop gaming convention in Decatur held annually. And the organizers want to invite you to be part... [read more]

Try The Hotshots Bar & Grill

A delicious homemade burger with real cheddar cheese and black pepper seasoned French fries.
When you need a place to meet friends for good eats, the Hotshots Bar & Grill will become your spot. There, you can sit and watch your favorite team on the big screens. Or, relax with a game of pool or darts with your friends. At the Hotshots Bar & Grill,... [read more]