Get The Most Cool Out Of Your Car AC

Get The Most Cool Out Of Your Car AC

Does your car’s air conditioner have a hard time keeping up during the heat of the summer? That’s a common complaint, but there’s a solution. Actually, there are multiple solutions to this problem, and you’ll optimize your AC by using them all. First, go over some tips to get the most cool out of your car AC. Then put the tips into action so you can enjoy a cool summer.

Change the Air Filter If Needed

If your car’s air filter is clogged with dirt, pollen, and debris, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to push out cool air. Thus, check the filter and change it if it’s dirty. You should notice a difference right away after doing this.

Wait Until You’re Driving to Turn on the AC

Some folks try to cool off their vehicles before they get in, but that’s a mistake. Your car’s AC is much more effective when you’re driving, so turn it on when you start moving. Also, put down the car windows for the first 20 seconds. This will push the stifling hot air out of the car, so your AC can work its magic.

Turn the Temp Way Down

So, most AC systems keep the air at 38 degrees and then heat it based on your preferences. Thus, the lower you turn the temp, the more efficient the system is. With that in mind, set the temperature as low as you can handle it. Remember, you can turn down the fan so the cold air doesn’t freeze you out.

Don’t Use the Auto Start/Stop System

A lot of newer cars have auto start/stop systems designed to improve fuel efficiency. However, these systems can also turn off the AC compressor, allowing cars to heat up. If you want to maintain a cool cabin, turn the system off during the summer.

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Don’t Use Recirculation Mode With Backseat Passengers

The AC’s recirculation mode is a great way to maximize the cool air in the front of the car. However, it’s not nearly as effective for keeping people in the backseat comfy. It gets hot in the back when recirculation mode is on, so turn it off when you’re toting around a group of people.

If these tips don’t work, your car’s AC might be on its last legs. That’s also a sign that your car has seen better days, but there’s a solution to that problem, too. Instead of dealing with the heat, upgrade to a cool ride at Bob Brady Honda in Decatur, Illinois. With new and pre-owned options, you can find just what you want and get the most cool out of your car AC in a new Honda.

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