Travis Tritt Is Coming To The Devon Amphitheater

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You don’t need to be a huge country music fan to enjoy this genre, especially when hearing a long-time star in person. So if you’re in Decatur, Illinois, or planning to visit this summer, now’s the time to snatch tickets to hear Travis Tritt in person.

A Summer to Remember

This summer, why not do something special? Whether with a friend, spouse, or the entire family, you’ll never go wrong attending a live concert.

Who Is Travis Tritt?

If you’re unfamiliar with Travis Tritt, here’s a little about his journey to stardom. Born in 1963, he started singing in the children’s choir at the church he attended. People immediately noticed his amazing voice.

However, he also had a natural talent for playing various instruments. For example, he taught himself to play the guitar at eight years old. By the age of 13, he’d already written his first song.

Moving on to Success

Eventually, he married Theresa Nelson and became the father of three fantastic kids. During this time, his passion for music never died. Pushing forward, he went on to achieve incredible success.

That started with his first radio first single, “Country Club.” That song made the top 10 list in 1989. After releasing an album by the same name two years later, he’d sold more than one million copies.

Different Genres

Initially, Tritt focused on Southern rock-inspired music. He released a new album through Big Noise Music Group two years ago, something he hadn’t done in 13 years. He’s so popular that his concerts always sell out.

He focuses on this same genre, along with traditional and contemporary country music. Travis Tritt still travels, but not as often as he once did. So, buying tickets to hear him live is an incredible opportunity to hear one of country music’s finest.

A Unique Concert

The upcoming concert in Decatur, Illinois, will be a memorable occasion. After all, Tritt will guest perform with a new country duo called War Hippies. As part of the concern, Tritt will perform his debut single, “Country Club.”

What’s War Hippies?

Donnie Reis and Scooter Brown make up the duo of War Hippies. While they only formed the group two years ago, they have received rave reviews. After all, they have roughly 25 years of experience touring the country to perform for their fans.

In addition, they’ve completed more than 20 million streams. They have an unprecedented level of skill. Reis has become a world-renowned violinist. Moreover, he’s also mastered the piano, keyboard, and guitar, not to mention his outstanding singing voice.

Donnie, the second half of War Hippies, has also earned a name for himself in the music industry. To date, he’s had 26 Billboard Top 10s, as well as four of his songs on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Make This Summer Special

Make this summer one to remember by attending the Travis Tritt and War Hippies concert in Decatur, Illinois. You can make it even better by taking the entire family to this performance. It won’t disappoint.

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