Delicious Summer Fruit Recipes For Savory Dishes

Delicious Summer Fruit Recipes

Delicious Summer Fruit Recipes

In the summer, produce is a fresh and nutritious option. The ripe fruits and vegetables seem to be in abundance, and they provide mouthwatering flavors. While vegetables are used in savory dishes, fruits tend to be utilized for sweet breakfast options or desserts. Fruits, however, can complement many piquant entrees. If you would like to experiment in the kitchen with some fruit recipes, then here are several that you should try.


Soup may not seem to be a go-to for summertime. When you infuse fruit into the soup, however, you can make some appetizing chilled soups that are great for this hot season. For a soup that is sweet and tangy, you cannot go wrong with the Chilled Peach Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese. The soup draws you in with its bold, bright yellow color that comes from the peaches and yellow peppers. While the peaches bring a daring sweetness to the soup, the flavor pairs perfectly with the tangy goat cheese.

If peaches are not your fruit of choice, then may be you will want to opt for the Watermelon Gazpacho. Giving the traditional gazpacho dish a twist, the cool, mellow flavors of the watermelon are perfect for a hot summer day. The soup is brought to life with the zesty lime juice and cilantro.


Salads always seem like a great idea during the warm summer months, but salads can be more than a bed of lettuce with dressing. Play around with flavors and ingredients. Try making this Stone Fruit Salad with Collard-Peanut Pesto. The fruit used in this recipe is a mixture of plums and nectarines, though you probably could use any kind of stone fruit. While the stone fruit is the star of this salad, the couscous makes the salad a more fulfilling meal. Subbing for a typical salad dressing, the homemade collard-peanut pesto that is drizzled on top of the salad is scrumptious.

Another salad you can make this season is this Black Rice Salad with Cherries and Plums. The sweetness of the cherries and plums are cut by the tangy Gorgonzola. The black rice offers tasty sustenance to the salad, but also appeals to the eyes as it pairs with the deep hues of the plums and cherries.

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Sauces & Relishes

The fruit cannot always be the main star, but can still play an important supporting role. You can make some tasty sauces and relishes that can go with a variety of meat options. Try making this Burst Blueberry Sauce with grilled pork chops. The delicate charring of the pork chops goes well with the sweet blueberry sauce. The sauce is not too sweet, though, as it is offset by heat from chipotle chile and adobo sauce.

If you are looking for a condiment that pairs well with seafood, then try this Vietnamese Peach Relish. The relish is a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy. Flavors like peach, fish sauce, lime juice, cilantro, and mint provide a delicious relish that goes excellently with shrimp, fish, and more.


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