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Take A Road Trip To The Lincoln Park Zoo In Chicago, IL

Heads of two giraffes in front of green trees
It’s a great time to take a road trip, so why not head to the Lincoln Park Zoo? Chicago is just a few hours from Decatur, so you can zip over and see various wildlife species roaming around stunning habitats. Get some more information to plan your trip. It’s Free to... [read more]

Get Out On The Golf Course At Hickory Point Golf Club

Hickory Point Golf Club
Now that spring is just around the corner, you probably want to get outside as much as possible. Luckily, there's plenty to do around the local area if you're looking for something fun that will get you out into nature. If you love playing sports, you should think about coming... [read more]

Enjoy An Afternoon At Rock Springs Conservation Area

Rock Springs Conservation Area
Did you know that Macon County is home to some of the best spots for hiking, biking, and kayaking in all of Illinois? The Rock Springs Conservation Area is a 1,300-acre park in the Macon County Conservation District attracts nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the state. Visitors... [read more]

Spend A Family Day At Rock Springs Conservation Area And Nature Center

Rock Springs
The Rock Springs Conservation Area and Nature Center is the crown jewel of Macon County. This nature center and conservation area is full of learning opportunities and outdoor activities. With cross-country skiing, wildlife, events, and so much more, it’s no wonder the people of Illinois count it as one of... [read more]