Take A Road Trip To The Lincoln Park Zoo In Chicago, IL

Heads of two giraffes in front of green trees

It’s a great time to take a road trip, so why not head to the Lincoln Park Zoo? Chicago is just a few hours from Decatur, so you can zip over and see various wildlife species roaming around stunning habitats. Get some more information to plan your trip.

It’s Free to Enter, But Reservations Are Required

If you’ve never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, you might be shocked to learn that it doesn’t charge an entrance fee for kids or adults. You do need to make a reservation, though. You can reserve your spot online and then show up at the pre-determined time.

See Nearly 200 Different Species in One Spot

The Lincoln Park Zoo is home to close to 200 different species, and the door is always open for new arrivals. You can see amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and so much more at the zoo. Many of the animals are endangered, so this is your rare chance to see them in person. Along with endangered animals, the zoo rescues animals previously used as performers. This is a true sanctuary, and your heart will swell when you see the wildlife at the zoo.

It’s the Ideal Spot for First Encounters With Animals

The Lincoln Park Zoo has tons of incredible exhibits, including Farm-in-the-Zoo. Your little ones can visit farm animals in a safe and fun setting. This is an excellent way for them to have first encounters with animals. They can touch and interact with the animals, plus learn more about farm life. This is not your standard petting zoo. It’s so much nicer, with more to see and do. Because the zoo is a sanctuary, the farm animals can choose between hanging out in public or enjoying some private time. This type of choice sets the Lincoln Park Zoo apart.

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Can’t Make the Trip? Enjoy a Virtual Encounter

If your schedule is full and you can’t travel to Chicago right now, you can still see the animals. The zoo is offering virtual animal experiences through July. You’ll get to see a specific animal group during the virtual tour while listening to an expert give a talk. It’s a fun way to enjoy the zoo from home. Unlike going to the zoo itself, you do have to pay for a virtual tour. The tickets are $15 each, and you can purchase them on the zoo’s website.

Whether you visit the zoo in person or go on a virtual encounter, you’ll have a blast. There is such a wide range of animals here that it’s easy to find something that draws your interest. Start planning today, so you can add a trip to the zoo to your summer itinerary.

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