Category: Illinois Attractions

Head Out To The Homestead Prairie Farm Open House

Homestead Prairie Farm
Do you ever wonder how people lived in times past? While it was a lot different than how we live now, there are quite a few differences that we may not even readily think of. That’s why it’s so great to learn about the past: Not only do you get... [read more]

Enjoy An Afternoon At Rock Springs Conservation Area

Rock Springs Conservation Area
Did you know that Macon County is home to some of the best spots for hiking, biking, and kayaking in all of Illinois? The Rock Springs Conservation Area is a 1,300-acre park in the Macon County Conservation District attracts nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the state. Visitors... [read more]

Plan A Family Trip To The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library And Museum

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
There comes a time in everyone’s life when suddenly they become enamored by history. Whether you’re age 2 or 102, history affects us all. As children, we’re taught selective historical records in school. After all, there’s only so much one can learn during the day. With so much being left... [read more]