Spring Car Care Checklist

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Winter driving can cause a lot of wear and tear on your car, even if you are careful. For instance, snow and ice can lead to deep potholes in the road. In addition, some road salts can stick to the underside of your car and cause corrosion. Moreover, your vehicle must work harder in the extreme cold to do everyday driving. Check out this spring car care checklist, and get ready for sunny days ahead.

Start With a Clean Slate

Many people don’t wash their cars during the winter when it’s cold and icy. As a result, when spring rolls around, your vehicle might have a lot of grime. Taking your time to do a deep clean will help your car look its best. In addition, it’ll help you see any new scratches and spot corrosion and rust. A hand wash is ideal for your first spring wash because it allows you to inspect your car closely.

Patch Ups

Once you wash your car, you’ll see if there are any chips or scratches in your car’s paint. If you leave those chips alone, you could soon see rust appearing. In some cases, you might get small pots of auto paint that match your car. However, for tiny scratches, it can be more cost-effective to use nail polish. And the nail polish will work well to protect those scratches from the elements.

It’s the Little Things

Once you have a clean car and you take care of the nicks, it’s time to check little things. For example, extreme cold and ice can damage your windshield wipers. And with spring showers around the corner, that could become an issue. In addition, it’s an excellent time to look at your lights and mirrors. Check your brake lights and turn signals, and adjust your mirrors.

Refill Fluids

Another smart seasonal chore is to check your car’s fluids. Some fluids, like windshield wiper fluid, are easy to refill on your own. But many people take advantage of the nicer spring weather to drive more, so you should also check other things. For example, look at your oil levels and top them off or schedule an oil change. Also, make sure your coolant levels are good. Soon, you may be using the air conditioner when hot weather arrives.

Tire Time

Finally, it’s time to look at the tires. If you use winter tires, you’ll probably want to change them to all-season or warm-weather tires. Also, do a tread test, and make sure you check your tire pressure. If you hit a lot of those winter potholes, make an appointment with a mechanic. It might be time to balance and align your wheels, especially if you notice unusual tire wear.

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Car Care Includes a Car Tune Up

As you go through your car care checklist, you might find issues you can’t fix yourself. At Bob Brady Honda in Decatur, Illinois, you can make a tune-up appointment. The professional technicians can help you ensure your car is ready for the fun of spring driving. They’ll also help you keep your vehicle in great condition with essential maintenance.

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