First Look At The All-Electric Prologue

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Honda recently revealed sketches and details about its first-ever all-electric SUV. The Prologue makes its debut in 2024 and is the result of years of design. Although the Prologue will be Honda’s first SUV electric vehicle (EV), Honda has laid out a fast-paced timeline to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. But the Prologue does far more than check off some boxes for Honda. EV fans can look forward to a sleek, feature-loaded SUV that offers a safer drive and a fun ride.

A Fresh, Modern Design

Honda wanted the Prologue to reflect both classic Honda styling and a fresh feel. Honda’s design team rose to the challenge and crafted a look that will fit Honda’s existing line of cars.  The design also shows off the Prologue’s special place as Honda’s first SUV electric vehicle in the U.S. The design team was able to use virtual reality during the design process to achieve the Prologue’s look while working from around the world. In addition, the Prologue’s clean lines offer a quieter cabin. This, coupled with a quiet engine, means a more peaceful, pleasant ride.

More Streamlined for You

The goal is to make it simple for guests to enjoy their all-electric Prologue. Honda also plans to have fresh designs for car dealers to help create a more guest-friendly space. In addition, Honda has plans to build electric charging stations to support drivers no matter where they may go. Finally, service departments will receive the training and parts they need. Honda wants to make sure that the growing number of Honda EV drivers can get the best service.

Honda and GM Collaborate

GM and Honda worked together to scale the Ultium battery to fit the Prologue. The Ultium delivers adaptive technology that already forms a base for other electric models on the market. However, the look inside and outside of the Prologue will be Honda. And drivers can rely on the safety and support that the Honda brand offers.

Moving Honda Forward

The Prologue will be the first all-electric Honda SUV in the U.S. But many drivers already know that Honda has committed to cleaner cars. In fact, Honda is a leader among car makers. Its cars have the highest fuel economy for its fleet average and the lowest carbon emissions. Creating more climate-friendly vehicles is vital to Honda. The market is trending toward electric vehicles. Honda is taking the time to create quality cars that will offer great driving for all.

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Dealers are Preparing for Great Things

Honda dealers want to ensure that all drivers have access to the newest products. At Bob Brady Honda in Decatur, Illinois, we’re always ready to embrace the most recent that Honda has to offer. Along with the future-forward Prologue, Honda offers many hybrid models that will move you further with less gas. Come test-drive a Honda today.

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