Tips For Beating The Heat

Tired sporty woman drinking water

For many people, summer is the best time of the year. It’s when many people travel and vacation. Furthermore, the warmer temperatures make it easier and more enjoyable to go outside. However, if it’s especially hot, you can face challenges such as sunburns, heat exhaustion, or dehydration. Conditions can become dangerous for the elderly and young children. Fortunately, you can take precautions to prevent many of these troubling issues and have fun simultaneously.

Keep a Spray Bottle With Cold Water Handy

A spray bottle can provide relief if you’re going out for a few hours in the sun and heat. Fill a bottle with water and place it in the fridge for a few hours before leaving for your destination. Then carry it with it and spray yourself when you start feeling as though you’re going to overheat. It will cool you off as the water evaporates. Plus, the bottle will be easy to carry when you’re at a park, the zoo, or anywhere else outdoors.

Wear Loose Clothing

Tighter clothes seem popular now, but this style isn’t conducive to staying cool in the summer. Synthetic fabrics such as cotton are suitable in the summer. Make sure it’s thin and light-colored too. This strategy allows sweat to evaporate quickly. Furthermore, you shouldn’t feel as sticky.

Eat Spicy Foods

This may be an idea you have never thought of. Moreover, it may seem counterintuitive that spicy foods will cool you off. However, eating chili peppers, for example, can provide relief from the heat. These peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which helps you sweat easily. When this happens, your body temperature should cool down.

Drink Plenty of Water

When it’s hot, you’ll sweat. For instance, if you are exerting yourself outdoors in the heat, you may sweat a lot, leading to dehydration. You need to replace that moisture, and drinking water is the best approach. In the summer, when it’s hot, aim to drink 2 to 2 1/2 liters of water each day. This keeps you hydrated and cool.

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Make Your Air Conditioner

Coming inside from the heat won’t provide much relief if your house is also hot. Hopefully, you’ll have a functioning air conditioner. But even if you have one, you can supplement it with a homemade version. Place a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan. Then turn it on and wait for the ice to melt. As this happens, and as the water evaporates, you’ll notice a drastic cool-down in the house.

This summer, stay cool and don’t let the heat wear you out. You can stay safe and comfortable by following these tips.

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