The Basics Of An Oil Change

oil change

It’s likely that buying a vehicle will be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Because you are making such a big financial commitment, you want to take good care of your vehicle. Moreover, you need it to be reliable because you use it just about every day. To help your vehicle last longer and perform well mile after mile, you need to be diligent about car maintenance. For instance, regular oil changes will help the engine do its job well and keep the car running smoothly.

Why Change the Oil

Not changing the oil often enough will hinder the engine’s performance. Regular oil changes will keep the engine and its components well-lubricated so that everything works properly. Over time, the engine oil will turn to sludge. It will also become dirty and filled with other debris. The longer the oil is in the vehicle, the less effective it will be. In addition, a lack of oil changes will lead to poor gas mileage.

How Often to Change the Oil

It’s critical to know how frequently you need to take care of this service. You need to stay on schedule so that the engine is fresh and clean. Consequently, your vehicle will perform well. Firstly, consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Depending on your year and model, you may need to do this maintenance more often. In general, however, your car will need an oil change around every 6,000 miles. Newer vehicles can typically go between 7,500 and 10,000 miles in between oil changes. If you have an older model, you may need to change the oil as often as every 3,000 miles.

Signs That Your Car Needs an Oil Change

If you aren’t sure how long it has been since your car had an oil change, there are signs to help you know whether it’s time for this service. For instance, your vehicle may stall or sputter. Or, there may be thick black smoke coming from the exhaust. You could even smell burning oil when the car is running. Furthermore, a common sign is that your gas mileage becomes less efficient.

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Choosing the Right Oil

Lastly, be aware that there are various oil products you can put into your vehicle. Your first step is to see what the vehicle’s owner’s manual recommends. The type of oil you use depends largely on the make, model, and year of the car. A synthetic blend is only necessary if your car requires it. Many vehicles will do just fine with a conventional type.

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