8 Reasons Why You Should Drive A Honda Insight

2020 Honda Insight

The 2020 Honda Insight is a fuel-efficient hybrid loaded with technology and safety features throughout its aesthetic four-door design. Let’s take a closer look as to why you should drive a 2020 Honda Insight. But, if you want an even closer look at this tech-infused sedan stop by Bob Brady Honda in Decatur, Illinois. 

Exterior Design

So many hybrids look… well… like hybrids. That’s not the case with the 2020 Honda Insight. This refined hybrid carries a sporty look that turns heads while maintaining all of those benefits you love in a hybrid vehicle.


Boasting 151 horsepower in its hybrid gas engine and electric motor, the Insight can get you where you want to go quickly and safely, and keeps you from stopping to fill up.

Different Drive Modes

The 2020 Honda Insight comes with three different drive modes. This means you can truly capitalize on your vehicle being a hybrid and ensure your ride is the perfect blend of performance and efficiency!

Fuel Efficiency

As you would expect from a hybrid, this sleek sedan offers tremendous fuel economy. Skipping pit stops means you keep more money in your pocket for wherever your car takes you.


Honda customers have grown to expect high safety ratings with every Honda model and the Insight is no different. In addition to great overall safety ratings, the Insight comes with Honda Sensing technology. Some items included with Honda Sensing are:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Assistance
  • Approaching Vehicle Warnings

Rearview Camera

Although many new cars come with backup cameras, the Insight offers a little more. Included with the backup camera are three different display modes: Normal, Wide, and Top-Down.

Cargo Space

While it’s true hybrid cars have large batteries that often take up space, this isn’t the case for the Insight. Relocating the car’s batteries under the back row seats means that owners of the 2020 Honda Insight still get the cargo space they need.

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Drivers are treated to numerous technology conveniences inside the 2020 Honda Insight. Among others are Bluetooth technology, AppleCar Play, Andriod Auto, available WiFi hotspot, and an audio system that packs a punch. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle that provides high-end fuel efficiency and doesn’t sacrifice performance and looks to get it, then consider the 2020 Honda Insight. The best way to find out if the car is right for you is to take it for a spin. Reach out to Bob Brady Honda to set up a test drive or simply to answer any lingering questions you may have!

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