See Young The Giant At The Canopy Club

Young the Giant

Young the Giant is classified as a rock band, but as any fan knows, this band defies genre. The band shifts from mood pieces to rock with ease and knows how to put on a great show. That’s just what it’ll do when it heads to Urbana in February. Young the Giant will be at The Canopy Club on Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. Advanced tickets are $29.50, or you can pick up a ticket at the door for $32.

Check out some reasons you don’t want to miss this show.

The Most Entertaining Show Around

Some bands just play music. Others perform. There’s no question that Young the Giant is in the latter category. This band comes on stage with the intent to put on a show, and they always deliver. From the dancing around to the audience engagement, there is never a dull moment when you see these guys live. Forget about just listening to the latest album at home. You have to see the band live to get the full experience.

Those Strange Sounds? You Have to See It Live

You know all those strange sounds and voices on Young the Giant songs? You probably expect those sounds to be pre-recorded for the shows. That’s not the case, though. The band actually uses voice changers and instruments to make all those weird sounds. It’s so much fun to see it happen live. You’ll never listen to a Young the Giant album the same way again.

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The Music

Here’s something else you need to know about Young the Giant. The band might sound better live than they do on recordings. The vocals are controlled and pitch perfect and have just the right amount of melancholy to give you the feels. Plus, the setlist is perfect. It contains all the hits and fan favorites, plus a few lesser-known but equally catchy songs.

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