Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Vehicle

Car wash on a sunny day

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time for your annual spring cleaning! Your home, wardrobes, and much more benefit from a spring clean-up each year. But what about your vehicle? We get it, you may only have time to refresh so many things. But, your vehicle should always be one of them. Since you are already going to be cleaning, you might as well spend a few extra minutes on your vehicle. Check out these tips and tricks to get your car ready for the new season.

Wash the Exterior

Did you know that salt can accumulate on and under your car due to excessive snow? It might sound pointless to wash under your vehicle, but it is actually a way to prevent any rotting or corrosion that can harm your vehicle’s exhaust, muffler, and springs under your car.

Clean the Interior

Once you clean out trash or items you meant to take out of your vehicle months ago, you can begin scrubbing the carpets and floor mats. Steam cleaners, carpet cleaner, and microfiber cloth are all great ways to clean up your interior. Make sure you are using the correct cleaner for every surface. Also, make time to clean your leather upholstery and windows. The last thing you want to do is clean your vehicle with the wrong products.

Change Your Blades

Winter can be harsh on your windshield wipers but so can spring showers. Make sure you replace them before the new season. New blades will clear water and debris, making your vision through your windshield much clearer.  Wipers should be changed every six months. So, if you have been needing to change them, now is the time.

Check Your Tires

Your vehicle’s tires go through a lot, especially during the winter. When your tires are worn down that becomes dangerous for you. Worn tires can limit your braking power drastically. If you are wondering how you can tell when you need new tires, simply insert a quarter into each tire’s groove. Washington’s head should be covered if you have proper tread. If you tend to use winter tires, make sure to change them out once spring arrives.

Inspect Your Ventilation

Warmer weather is headed your way. Make sure your air conditioner is working correctly. There is nothing worse than getting into a hot car and not having AC. To make sure your air conditioner is working, turn it on to your highest setting and make sure it reaches a cool temperature in a reasonable time. If it doesn’t, it is time to schedule maintenance.

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Replace Fluids

It is essential to check your engine oil and replace it when needed. Windshield wiper fluid is also important to top off since it can be depleted by cold weather.

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