Wow Your Guests With These Turkey Day Centerpieces!


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year, that probably means you want your house to look amazing. And, of course, when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, nothing is more important than your centerpiece. It’s right in the middle of the table, and everyone is going to be looking at it all meal long. Therefore, you really want to make sure you get it right to wow your guests. But here’s the problem: Centerpieces can often be very expensive, which could be an issue if you’re on a budget. But no fear. It’s easy to make your own centerpiece that is sure to impress your guests. Check out a few of these simple and easy ideas to make your table look amazing on a budget.

Use Vintage Pieces

There’s a chance that you have some old or vintage pieces around your house that you could spare for the dining room table this Thanksgiving. Try using things you already have to create an old-fashioned, rustic look. Whether you use a bowl or a wood trencher with flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s going to look amazing.

Stacked Servers

You’re already going to be eating a lot at Thanksgiving. Why not decorate… with food? That’s right. By using stacked servers, you can create a beautiful look right in the center of your table. And the best food to put on them? Desserts, of course! That way, your guests can see what they’re having for dessert all dinner long. That might motivate them to save some room for the sweet stuff, after all.

Stay Symmetrical

You might not want to use one huge piece in the middle of your table. Instead, you may opt to go for several different pieces that make up one centerpiece. If you decide to go this route, try to play with symmetry. By making matching pieces that go on either side of the main centerpiece, you can create a sophisticated look that will take your Thanksgiving table from just blah to absolutely amazing.

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Use Faux Elements

Are you tired of having to create a new centerpiece for every Thanksgiving celebration? Here’s a secret: Use faux elements! That way, you can use the same centerpiece year after year. Don’t worry, nobody is going to notice that it looks the same, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. Plus, it will look just as good as new whenever you reuse it!

Try out these centerpiece tips and tricks when you want a beautiful table for the holiday.

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