A Quick Guide To Tire Types And Their Benefits

2021 Accord Sedan

Deciding on a new set of tires can be overwhelming, as there are so many kinds to choose from. Although, there are many deciding factors that come into play when deciding on the perfect ones for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at different types of tires and their benefits so you can get a better understanding the next time you are ready to put new tires on your ride.

All Season

These are great for subcompact and compact vehicles that don’t require high-performance tires. These tires are made for all weather conditions, and they will do great on any road or in any weather conditions equally.

Performance All-Season Tires

If you are shopping for tires that will be able to handle any terrain and keep up with your vehicle’s horsepower, these tires would be a great pick. Although, the only thing to keep in mind is you may need larger rims if opting in for performance all-season tires.

Touring All-Season Tires

If you enjoy comfortable and quiet rides, these tires are your match. They have long tread wear and are affordable for compact sedans, so both your passengers and wallet will be pleased.

Summer Tires

Just like the name states, summer tires are great for warm and dry pavement. Also, these tires are intended for high-performance vehicles, but they won’t perform their best in colder weather.

Winter Tires

Having the right tires during the winter weather is extremely important. If you are looking for a tire made specifically for ice and snow, these are worth checking out. These tires perform the very best in cold weather conditions, so you can drive worry-free all season long.

All-Terrain Tires

Trucks and SUVs mainly stay on the road when driving, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little fun. If you take your vehicle off-road, you will want to learn more about all-terrain tires. These tires are designed to be able to handle any off-road adventure that comes your way.

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Off-Road Maximum Traction Tires

If off-roading is the only thing you find yourself doing in your vehicle, these tires are a must-have. The Off-Road Maximum Traction Tires are designed specifically for overcoming obstacles you may stumble upon when driving off-road, so rest assured you’re covered with these tires.

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