Hot Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

Woman Relaxing In Front Of Fan During Summer At Home

During hot summer months, all you can think about is how to cool off. If you don’t want to be couped up inside by the air conditioner, check out these hot tips for cooling down from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Fill Up On Food

You might be surprised to learn that eating can actually help you cool off. Pick the right foods for immediate relief from the heat. First, drink lots of water. That should be a given. Second, eat small meals throughout the day. These meals should be loaded with rehydrating foods like watermelon, celery, or even sweat-inducing peppers. Spicy foods help you sweat which helps make you feel cooler. Avoid caffeine, though. Opt for an electrolyte-rich sports drink instead of a soda.

Prep Your House

Windows are great to let natural light in, but they also let in heat. Keep your shades down and curtains closed throughout the day to help reduce temperatures indoors. Put screens in windows, and open windows at night when it is cooler outside. This allows for cross ventilation and can help create a natural breeze indoors. Keep your oven off as much as possible. This might require a change in meal plans, but it can greatly reduce heat.

Dress Appropriately

Your clothing can affect your body temperature. Just like how you would dress for cold winter weather, you need to dress appropriately for hot summer weather. Choose light-colored, light-weight, and loose-fitting clothing. Athletic clothing is a great option because it helps wick moisture away from your body to help you stay comfortable. Soak a bandana in cold water and tie it around your neck for some quick relief. Top off with a wide-brimmed hat to create your own shade.

Make a Splash

When you think of cooling off in the summer you probably think of jumping in a pool. That is a great way to cool off, but did you know you can also simply take a cool shower or bath? No pool? No problem! Some other options are to soak your feet in a bucket of cold water or wash your hands in cold water to get your wrists wet. When showering, try not to steam up your bathroom. You don’t have to take an icy cold shower. Even a warm shower will help cool you off.

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Create Air Flow

When you are feeling hot, the air conditioner is your best friend. If you aren’t able to just turn the temperature down, there are other options. Set up a few fans. Make a path to the window for the air to flow through. Sit directly in front of a fan to help dry sweat. Fill a bucket or large roasting pan with ice and place it in front of the fan. The ice will cool the air and the fan will help disperse it. Please note that a fan can’t help during extremely high temperatures or a heat emergency. Consider investing in a window air conditioner or a portable air conditioner if necessary.

The next time the outdoor temperature rises to the 80s, 90s, or higher, keep these tips in mind to beat the heat.

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