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Lace Up For The 15th Penguin In The Park 5K

Penguin in the Park 5K
Are you looking for a way to get motivated in your fitness journey? For those who want to get in the best shape possible while spending time with other people in the community, the 15th Penguin in the Park 5K is the place to be. This race will give you... [read more]

Run The Runway At The Decatur Airport

Run the Runway
Halloween is right around the corner, and that’s pretty scary… especially when you think about how your health goals are going to suffer. After all, there’s something that’s just too tempting about that whole bowl of Halloween candy that’s just sitting by your front door. Therefore, if you want to... [read more]

Lace Up For The Penguin In The Park 5K

Penguin In The Park 5K
If you think running is an activity best saved for when you’re being chased, John Bingham just may be your hero. Bingham earned the nickname “The Penguin” for advocating that entering a race should be about the fun and the finish—not necessarily about the fastest. In fact, he penned a... [read more]