Top Tips: Summer Car Safety For Kids

Baby being secured in a car seat

Summertime often means road trips and family vacations. If you are planning to head out on the road with children for the first time, or even if your family has traveled before, consider these car safety tips from Consumer Report to keep children safe. 

Check For Hot Car Seats

The temperature inside a vehicle can be hotter than the temperature outside. Parts like metal buckles, black shoulder straps, and plastic components can heat up. A hot metal buckle, in particular, can cause skin burns if touched. Consider placing a light-colored blanket or towel over a car seat when not in use to reduce sun exposure.

Protect Against Sunburn

You might notice your left arm is a little more tan than your right. Ever considered why? Skin can burn when exposed to sunlight, even through a car window. If you often drive with the windows down, that is increasing sun exposure. Apply sunscreen to children before getting in the car to avoid sunburns.

Check the Backseat

Never leave a child in a vehicle alone, even if for just a few minutes. As mentioned before, the interior temperature can increase rapidly and be hotter than the exterior. Always check the backseat when exiting a vehicle. Place a purse, wallet, or cellphone in the back to help remind you.

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Lock the Doors

You might think “Duh — when we leave the car.” Although, you should also lock the vehicle doors while the car is in motion. Children are curious, or bored, and fidget with things. A lever that might do something is enticing. When the vehicle is parked, make sure everyone is out, lock the doors, and keep the keys away from children.

These few simple tips will help you have the best summer vacation by avoiding heat-related accidents while traveling!

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