Yard Games To Play Outside While Social Distancing

Children running and smiling.If you’re looking for a great way to get the kids outside to play while maintaining social distancing, we’ve got the answer! Here are a few options that we’ve gathered courtesy of our friends at Today.com. 

Kan Jam

Throw the frisbee in the “kan” and you score points. Score the most and you win! It’s as simple as that in this version of frisbee basketball. 


Today.com characterizes Spikeball as “a unique combo of volleyball and four square.” Two teams square off and serve the ball off the net for a series of volleys. First team to 21 wins. 


This American favorite is played in backyards and at tailgates throughout the summer and fall. Each participant takes a turn tossing the bean bag to try to get it in the hole. 

Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball

This hilarious game is similar to soccer, but you have to carry a large inflatable ball on your shoulders as you navigate down the field. 

Classic Lawn Darts

All you need are two targets, two red darts, and two blue darts. Get out in the yard and whoever can land closest to the bullseye wins. 

Yard Dominoes

Just like regular dominoes, but with large, oversized playing pieces. Plus – it’s played on the lawn… literally. 

Giant Jenga

Everybody loves Jenga, but when you supersize the pieces so you can take it outside to play – the fun grows exponentially. 

Lawn Bowling

There is nothing better than a big glass of lemonade and a few frames of lawn bowling with the kids. You can buy a set, or make your own pins from milk cartons and a bowling ball using any rubber ball.

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