Stroll Through The Scovill Sculpture Park

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Whenever you want to take a walk in the park, you can pair it with impressive works of art at the Scovill Sculpture Park in Decatur.

Art in the Park

Scovill Sculpture Park showcases imaginative artwork in an open-air environment, allowing you to explore the green space and appreciate the installations under the sun. Various artists supply a dozen sculptures throughout the park, and these art pieces are cycled out every few years to change the scenery and introduce visitors to new images and ideas on a recurring basis. Artists from all across the U.S. have submitted their work, and the park is home to pieces by Decatur artists as well.

Park History

In 2015, organizers began floating the idea of bringing art instillations to Scovill Park. The Decatur Parks Foundation, Decatur Area Arts Council, Decatur Park District, Children’s Museum of Illinois, and Neuhoff Media put together plans for a sculpture garden to connect guests with enriching artwork, and they brought the idea to a private philanthropist for funding. The donor funded the project in its entirety, and the sculpture park opened to the public the following year.

Learning Curve

When you arrive at the park and approach from the parking lot, you’ll be greeted by the sculpture park’s permanent installation, Learning Curve. Created by local artist Aaron McIntosh, the unpolished steel structure bows over the ground like a page mid-turn, with one side displaying a curved LED arrangement. The unique LED display is reflected by a pool of water underneath, and it can present various images including other works of art to present guests with something new whenever they visit.

Plan Your Visit

You’ll find Scovill Sculpture Park situated conveniently between the Children’s Museum of Illinois and the Scovill Zoo. The park is located at 495-1325 S Country Club Road, Decatur, Illinois 62521. It’s on the eastern shore of Lake Decatur, just north of Lost Bridge Road.

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