Take On Any Challenge In A Rugged Honda

2021 Honda Pilot

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Take on tough terrain in a Rugged Honda! Learn all about Honda’s rugged capability with a truck or SUV that can take you to the next level.

All-Wheel-Drive Systems

Honda all-wheel-drive systems are designed to effortlessly tackle inclement weather, rough terrain, and big jobs. This feature gives you extra power in the moments when you need it most. All-wheel drive helps you power through challenging conditions by using an array of sensors and other inputs. Honda offers two different all-wheel-drive systems that can deliver immediate power to the back wheels to enhance stability and create greater side-to-side control.

Traction Management

Changing road conditions are an unwelcome surprise for even the most experienced drivers. Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management button is ready to be pushed to optimize your vehicle for the terrain.  Three modes offer up the best traction management for your vehicle.  Snow Mode helps minimize slippage, Mud Mode helps maintain momentum, and Sand Mode calls for more aggressive wheel action to minimize throttle delays. Each mode adjusts throttle, shifting, torque distribution, and Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) for the unique challenges of the selected terrain!

Advanced Suspension Systems & Towing Prowess

Honda SUVs and trucks offer agile handling and smooth rides. They’re also built for stability in off-road conditions, making it easy for drivers to navigate dirt and gravel. With independent multi-link suspensions, these vehicles will make off-road adventures a breeze! The Honda Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline all possess a towing capability of 5,000 pounds. With enough towing power to carry a 24-foot camper, a trailer with two ATVs, or a boat, these vehicles will take you and your entertainment wherever you go to have fun!

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Engines Built to Last

Honda Rugged vehicles are cold-weather tested in Baudette, MN and all-terrain tested in the Mohave Desert! The Honda Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline have the same engine block and heads used to power the 550-horsepower, twin-turbocharged Ridgeline Baja race truck across hundreds of miles of desert. Some might say this is over-engineering; Honda says it’s engineering at its finest.

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