Simple Pumpkin Crafts To Make This Fall

craft pumpkins made of orange yarn and green pipe cleaner

craft pumpkins made of orange yarn and green pipe cleaner

Few images capture the warm colors of autumn like a bright orange pumpkin, and the robust round gourds are great material for your seasonal decoration. There’s a wide range of pumpkin-themed crafts to add fall flair to your home, so try out these DIY ideas.

A Fresh Coat

You might be surprised by how easy it is to transform everyday objects into festive pumpkins. In many cases, all you need is some paint. If you have an old oil can lying around in the garage, you can clean it up to make a unique long-stemmed gourd. Just apply orange paint to the well of the can and black or green paint to the spout. Look around your yard for some small rocks that could suggest a pumpkin-like shape, then glue on the smallest pebbles to the tops as stems. Painting rocks has become a popular pastime, and if you want to share the fun, you can always hide the finished product at a park to be discovered later.

Common Threads

If you have sewing supplies handy, there are several projects that don’t need much more than a needle, thread, and fabric. Embroidery projects are a great way to pass some downtime with a display-worthy end result, and you can incorporate fall colors like orange, red, and yellow to give your image some dynamic character. Grab some stuffing and some soft material to make a round pumpkin pillow, and feel free to get creative with a friendly jack-o’-lantern smile. A felt banner can certainly be sewed, but you can keep the sewing kit shut for this one if you happen to have a hot glue gun.

More Ideas

The whole family can try their hand at making paper pumpkins, with different colors of construction paper to make up the gourd, stem, and leaves. Your imagination is the limit when you set up a canvass (or sturdy paper) to paint a pumpkin, and this tutorial will help you define its surprisingly tricky shape with acrylics.

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