Learn Some Local History At The Homestead Prairie Farm

Homestead Prairie Farm
At Homestead Prairie Farm, you'll be able to relive a time that predates the Civil War. Built around the Trobaugh-Good House located at the Rock Springs Conservation Area, Homestead Prairie Farm has been restored, allowing visitors an opportunity to explore rural life on the Grand Prairie of Illinois in 1860. About... [read more]

Get Some Thai Food Near Decatur

Thai food
Do you love Thai food? Maybe you love the unique blend of spices that you can’t get with any other cuisine. Maybe you like switching things up from your usual food routine. One thing is for sure­ – when you’re craving Thai food, nothing else will do! Lucky for you,... [read more]

Plan A Family Trip To The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library And Museum

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
There comes a time in everyone’s life when suddenly they become enamored by history. Whether you’re age 2 or 102, history affects us all. As children, we’re taught selective historical records in school. After all, there’s only so much one can learn during the day. With so much being left... [read more]

Focus On Your Fitness At DISC

With the holidays coming to a close, you might be looking to get more active. Maybe you’re even planning a New Year’s resolution that relates to fitness. Or maybe you just want to get some exercise in, even when the weather isn’t so friendly. If any of this sounds like... [read more]

Get To Know Decatur: The Scovill Zoo

Scovill Zoo
After the holidays are over, there’s this nagging feeling that the fun is all over. However, this is simply not the case. Even after Christmas and New Year’s have ended, there’s plenty of fun activities and events you and your family can enjoy. For instance, there’s the Scovill Zoo! What To... [read more]

Learn Some Local History At The Hieronymus Mueller Museum

Mueller Museum
The Mueller Museum celebrates the life and legacy of Hieronymus Mueller. Mueller immigrated from Germany to Decatur, IL and founded several businesses in the area. One of the most recognizable companies, Mueller Co., is still in operation today and produces water pressure valves and fire hydrants that you will find... [read more]

A Tribute To Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
It’s the 12th season for this Christmas musical production, and you won’t want to miss it on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Decatur Civic Center. What are we talking about? It’s a Tribute to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra by The Prophecy. This group of classically trained musicians will once again... [read more]

Plan A Family Trip To The Children’s Museum Of Illinois

Children’s Museum Of Illinois
There’s something to be said for a children’s museum that’s just as much fun for grown-ups. After all, who says you have to be a casual observer while your kids laugh, learn, and discover? Certainly not the Children’s Museum of Illinois, where the thrill of hands-on learning isn’t just child’s... [read more]