5 Steps To An Organized Glovebox

organized glovebox

If you’re like most drivers, your glovebox is probably akin to the junk drawer in your kitchen. Service records, expired insurance papers, the owner’s manual, and goodness knows what else has piled up in there over the years. Organizing this compartment may feel like a daunting task, but these five steps will make it painless and easy to declutter your glove box.

1. Take Everything Out

The easiest way to start this project is to simply take out every paper, penny, napkin, and manual out. When you see exactly what you’re working with you’ll have a much better idea of what you need and what you can toss or store elsewhere.

2. Organize Into Piles

After you’ve emptied the glove box, make three piles: Keep, Relocate, and Trash. The keep pile should have your absolute essentials such as proof of insurance, your vehicle’s registration, the owner’s manual(s), spare change, sunglasses, disinfectant/baby wipes, and a spare cell-phone charger.

The relocate pile should consist of documents you’ll want to hang on to, such as service records, but that can be moved inside to your filing cabinet, or even scanned and stored in a folder on your computer. When you’ve determined what you need and want to keep, throw away or recycle everything else.

3. Contain The Piles

Having everything contained will make it easier to find your essentials in case of an emergency as well as giving you a designated spot to add new additions to the glove box. Group your important papers and documents with a paperclip and labeled folders; use small boxes or Ziploc bags to organize spare change, chargers, or first aid supplies; and group supplies like a tire gauge and flashlight together with rubber bands or bags.

4. Clean The Glove Box

While everything is still out of the glove box, give it a good wipe down with a disinfectant wipe followed by a paper towel to get rid of any residual crumbs or dust.

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5. Return Your Organized Essentials

Now, you can return your grouped and organized glove box essentials to their newly clean home. The next time you need something from your glove box you’ll know exactly where to find it!

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