The Electrifying Honda Lineup

Honda Electrified Vehicles

When you think of sustainability and going green, you probably think of reusing and recycling. Maybe you buy in bulk, take your own reusable shopping bags to the store, or use a stainless-steel water bottle. Did you know you can take sustainability as far as to the vehicle you drive? Honda has a full lineup of electric vehicles for you to check out.

Benefits of Driving Green

Electric vehicles have come a long way since their introduction years ago. They are no longer the slow, powerless models you might think of. Honda EVs are fun to drive with Instant Torque and exciting acceleration. You will save money on gas or even eliminate your reliance on it, and reduce your carbon footprint. Many cities around the country offer incentives and tax credits for EV drivers.

Options for All

Honda has a lot to offer with electric vehicles. The hybrid models don’t need to be plugged in and generate electric power as you brake. Plug-In hybrids offer all-electric power and switch automatically to gas-power when the battery runs low. All-electric models are just that. Plug in with at-home chargers as well as a network of charging stations in many cities.

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Battery Life

As mentioned, the hybrid option generates electricity every time you brake. Plus, batteries are covered under limited warranties and are reliable. To level up the sustainability factor, as many materials as possible are recycled from old batteries. There are two convenient options to plug in the Plug-In and All-Electric models so you don’t run out of juice.

The Honda lineup of electrified vehicles certainly stands out from the rest. These vehicles do not skimp on the Honda style and reliability that you already know and love including Honda Sensing®. Whether you are just hanging around town or heading out on longer trips, you can lower your emissions and drive green with a Honda EV.

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