Easy Energy-Savings Tips To Check Out

Washing machine and dryer in laundry room

You might be looking for new ways to save money now more than ever. Going green means more than just saving the planet. You will also save more green…money! Real Simple has five amazing tips to help save money and energy all in one.

Eliminate Draft

You’ve probably said before, “It’s drafty in here!” Easy money and energy-saving tips are to seal your home. Apply weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent drafts. If your windows are older models, they might need some fresh caulk to seal the deal. Save your wallet and heating and cooling systems with this simple tip.

New Appliances

You might think getting new appliances, like a washer and dryer, or even a new heating and cooling system will cost you more. Upfront, yes. It would be a significant cost, but this decision will save your hard-earned cash in the long run. Nowadays, new appliances and systems are designed to be energy-saving.

New Routines

These tips will help save energy at no extra expense by simply changing your daily habits. If a room isn’t in use, turn the lights off. Open the blinds to let in natural light during the day and avoid turning on an overhead light. Set time limits for TV and video games. Whether you are forgetful when it comes to the light switches or you like to keep the television on all hours, significant amounts of energy are being used.

Keep A Log

Take control of your energy use by doing the research! Most power bills will provide usage graphs. Implementing these tips and monitoring your usage over a few months will help you to see a difference. If you don’t notice a change in your power bill, there might be other areas you can make a change to save.

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Solar Power

Nothing beats energy-saving like solar power. The upfront cost is high and it requires substantial adjustments and equipment, but the long-term savings makes the hefty expense well worth it. Solar panels can also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell down the road.

Your power bill can change month-to-month and it is a blow when you see your bill has increased without knowing exactly why. Try out these tips to help avoid a major increase!

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