DIY Your Next Bath

Blue bath bomb foaming in water

When you want to take some time to treat yourself to a relaxing soak, add some flare to your bath with these do-it-yourself ideas.

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Bath bombs add a refreshing aroma and a splash of color to your tub, and this homemade variety enhances the experience with a little fizz as well. To make your own effervescent bath bomb, you’ll need baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, water, any essential oil you prefer, and a food coloring of your choice. Mix the cornstarch and baking soda first, then add the oil, color, water, and citric acid. As the mixture starts to hold a shape, form it into a ball, or get creative with a geometrical design. It will need some time to set, so let it dry overnight.

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Take care of your skin with these key lime scrubbing squares. First, gather your materials: coconut oil, soap, shea butter, lime essential oil, and granulated white sugar. You can also add green soap colorant for added appeal. Prep the materials by shredding the soap and chopping the shea butter, then heat the coconut oil, soap, and shea butter until the mixt has melted. Stir and let it cool for a minute, then add the green coloring, lime oil, and sugar. Shape the cubes with an ice cube tray, then let them harden in the refrigerator.

Bubble Bath Bars

Is there anything more relaxing then soaking in the tub with the subtle sound of bubbles crackling all around? These bubble bars require some of the same ingredients that you’ve already seen, plus a few new supplies to achieve the right effect. You’ll need baking soda, cornstarch, cream of tartar, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, and liquid bubble bath. You’ll also need a microwave-safe bowl, cellophane bags, a cake mold, and any essential oil or coloring you prefer. While you could skip the cake mold and shape the bars by hand, a charming design like you’d find on a mooncake mold would add some extra elegance to your bath time.

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