3 Date Night Restaurants In Decatur

Decatur Restaurants

Have your date nights been a little blah lately? If they’ve been lacking in the romance, it’s time to hit up a Decatur restaurant that’s perfect for dates. Whether you want to enjoy some outdoor dining, nosh on some food with a French/New Orleans’ flair, or down some Old Fashioneds, these places have you covered.

Beach House

Let’s start with the view at the Beach House. If you sit outside, you can enjoy views of the water while eating. That will definitely up the romance for date night. The Beach House is famous for its mac and cheese, but it also has other tasty dishes, such as the deep-sea scallops and oysters. Plus, the fresh catch section of the menu is always a hit. If you want delicious food and the perfect atmosphere, you cannot beat the Beach House.


Bizou also really delivers when it comes to atmosphere. It’s quiet and relaxing, and you will fall in love with the eclectic décor. It really delivers when it comes to its French-inspired cuisine. Many of the dishes are popular in New Orleans, so it’ll be like you whisked your date away to the Big Easy, even though you’re still in Illinois. If you really want to wow your date, suggest the filet and scallops. Your special someone will be thinking of that meal for weeks (if not months) to come.

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The Gin Mill

Does your date love Old Fashioneds? Then a trip to The Gin Mill is in order. This restaurant has more to offer than a great cocktail, though. First, the atmosphere is on point. It has an old-fashioned big city feel to it. Then, there’s the food. The menu is amazing, especially the tempura lobster tail. It’s a huge, deep-fried lobster tail that’s cut into pieces. Just don’t think of sharing this dish with your date. You’ll each want your own. It’s simply too good to share.

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