Get Spring Cleaning Done Early – Start With Your Coffee Maker

Coffee maker is ready for first coffee in the morning.

Sure, you are used to cleaning around the house and making a plan for spring cleaning every year. But there are a few items around your home that you might not think to give a deep clean. Small kitchen appliances can be difficult to clean, and your coffee maker, whether it’s a traditional pot or a single-cup brewer, is no exception. We’ve pulled a few tips from Wirecutter to help you clean your machine and get back to enjoying the best cup of joe at home!

After Each Brew

You might have a habit of leaving the coffee grounds or single-cup pod in the coffee maker until the next time you go to use it. It’s time to break that habit. Once the brewer is finished brewing, remove and discard the used grounds and disposable filter, if used. If you have a reusable filter, rinse it clean of any residue. Wipe down the machine with a damp towel to remove any coffee splatter. If your machine has a water reservoir that has to be filled up for each use, wipe the inside dry with a towel and leave it open to air dry and prevent mold.

Daily Cleaning

Most people use their coffee maker daily. Think about using a bowl, simply rinsing it underwater after using it, and never actually washing it. That bowl would become dirty with oils and germs, and water alone simply could not clean it. Pretty gross, right? You want to treat your coffee maker like your plates and bowls. Clean all removable parts with soap and water daily to avoid germs and mold from growing and making your cup of coffee taste bad. Some parts of your brewer might be dishwasher-safe, so check first before running them in the dishwasher. Wipe between corners to make sure all coffee splatter is removed and let the coffee maker air dry.

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Monthly Cleaning

If you follow regular cleanings after each use, your coffee maker should not be too dirty on the outside, but the interior like tubes and reservoirs are harder to clean and can use a little more disinfecting. Once per month, run a descaling cycle through your machine. Check out the manual to see how the manufacturer recommends doing this. You can use a store-bought descaling solution or a water-vinegar mixture. Be sure to run a few water-only cycles to remove any descaling or vinegar residue before brewing coffee.

With these helpful tips, your at-home cup of coffee will surpass the coffee shop cup!

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