Ways To Use Castile Soap

Two children and their Mother washing the dishes in the kitchen sink.

If you like using DIY products around your home, we have a great product you have to try. Say goodbye to baking soda and white vinegar and say hello to castile soap. This cruelty-free, biodegradable soap can do so much for you. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can use castile soap.

Use it As a Natural Body Wash

With just a few tablespoons of this liquid soap, you will be clean in no time. Since castile soap does not bubble, you can add a little bit of vegetable glycerin if needed. The smell is little to none, so if you want a good smell to go with your bubbles you can add some essential oils. This is a great alternative if you have been looking for an organic soap substitution.

Use it For Gardening

Are you a gardener? If so, castile soap is a great, natural and effective, insecticide and fungicide.  It is very gentle on your plants and also non-toxic to wildlife, such as your furry friends running around the yard.

Wash Your Animals

Shampoo for your furry friends can be pricy and potentially harmful. It’s simple! Use a few pumps of castile soap and watch your pet’s coat go from dull to shiny.

DIY Dish Soap

Not only is castile soap a great alternative to dish soap, but it is wonderful for your skin. Also, you won’t have to deal with dish soap hands after using castile soap. Your dishes and hands will be clean and smooth after switching to this natural product.

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Clean Your Entire Home

If you think castile soap can’t clean everything in your home, think again! By adding ¼ cup of soap to one quart of water, you’ll be able to wipe away dirt and grime in no time.

The uses for castile soap are endless. Whether you are looking to clean your home, keep up with your garden, or even your hygiene, this soap is ready to tackle it all!

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