The Best Tires For Your Honda Accord!

Tires for your HondaThe tires we put on our cars make a difference in both safety and performance. Some tires are better suited for specific vehicles than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available for the new 2020 Honda Accord!

Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire

The price point of this tire is very affordable but, that doesn’t mean it lacks quality. The Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire is an all-weather tire with an asymmetric tread pattern, allowing you to rotate the tires from one side of the vehicle to the other to reduce wear. One shortcoming of this tire is its ability to perform in thick snow. This is a quality option for your 2020 Honda Accord. 

Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire

Perhaps the only downside to this tire is it’s one of the higher-priced ones out there. With that said, this tire comes with about everything you could want. It’s great in wet conditions and can handle most inclement weather. You also get a buttery smooth ride that comes with the Michelin name.

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring Radial

This Goodyear tire is similar to the previous Michelin entry above. Both are excellent tires designed to be driven year-round in varying weather conditions, but both are on the expensive side. However, this tire does have more cushion in comparison to standard options.

Continental Truecontact Tire

Made by Continental Tires, this entry is a fuel-efficient option that is made for all weather conditions. Continental, like Michelin and Goodyear, does ask a higher price. The TrueContact tire weighs in heavier than most, which can be a bare when changing it out. Luckily this tire is quite durable.

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Yokohama ENVigor All-Season  

Coming in as the lightest on our list is Yokohama’s all-season tire. You can expect a comfortable ride with the ENVigor. Although the tire can perform in light snow, it’s not built to handle thick snow. 

What features do you value in your car’s tire? Is it durability? Value? What about fuel efficiency? Whatever you’re looking for you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above. If you have questions about what tires are right for you, reach out to Bob Brady Honda’s service department to get some help!

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