Beat Boredom Over Summer Break

Happy family enjoying on a picnic at the park

Summer break is here and you are probably planning fun activities to keep the kids occupied all summer. Have you ever planned a few fun things at the beginning of break and then the energy seems to fizzle out towards the end? Or do you run out of ideas? We’ve put together a few ideas from 100 Directions with Jen Goode to keep the summer excitement going all break long.

Dine Outdoors

Plan a picnic at your favorite park. Go for lunch or wait until dinner to create some excitement throughout the day. Let the kids decorate food labels or help create meals for each other using meal prep containers or mason jars. If you are going in the evening, decorate some lanterns to place over a flashlight to create an elegant dining experience.

Decorate Bird Houses

This is a great DIY for any age. Kids can paint, color, or even deco podge a birdhouse for the yard. Materials don’t have to be extravagant. Yarn, buttons, stamps, and whatever craft supplies you have at home will work just fine.

Surprise a Neighbor

We have all been isolated and quarantined for over a year. Your kids might be excited to do something nice for a neighbor. Make cards, bake cookies, or even stop by for a socially distanced wave and friendly “hello”.

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Treat Yourselves

You’ve probably seen the very trendy giant milkshakes at restaurants or on your favorite foodie program. You can surprise the kids with their own DIY decked-out milkshake bar right at home. Gather up your favorite ice cream and toppings and forget about the mess because the fun and excitement are so worth it.

The next time you are looking to plan some summer fun, consider these ideas and more from 100 Directions with Jen Goode.

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