Tips And Tricks For An At-Home Staycation

Woman enjoying an at-home spa facial

Home has been many things for people this past year. From an office to a restaurant to a school, you are probably ready to hit pause for just a moment. If you are looking for a break from your home but you cannot leave, we have some staycation tips for you!

No Phones

This is the most important tip for the staycation. If you are a workaholic this may be hard to do, but it’s so worth it. Your staycation is all about relaxation, so turn off your phone and set up your “out of office” response to your email so you are free from any work distractions. Avoid all media and enjoy the serenity around you.

Set Up Your Space

To prepare for your staycation, make sure your home is nice and clean before you prepare to relax. The goal of your staycation is not to do one chore and enjoy your time off. Also, try and set your space up like an actual vacation. If you miss the beach, open some windows and let the fresh air in while decorating your home with fun beachy décor.

Relax at the Spa

The first activity you should do on your staycation is enjoy a spa day. What better way to unwind than enjoying downtime by yourself? You can bring the spa to you with homemade face masks, and any personal maintenance you enjoy but haven’t been able to do for a while.

Enjoy Your Robe

A staycation means being comfortable, and we all know your robe is the epitome of comfort. Take advantage of this mini-vacation and ditch your real clothes. Wearing a robe beats clothes all day anyways.

Turn Up Your Music

Enjoy your favorite playlist on loud during your vacation. What’s great about music is you can cater it to your every mood. Feeling like being on the beach? Turn on some reggae music. Get your speakers ready to play some jams!

Take a Hike

If you live near a great hiking spot or park to walk to, and it’s open to the public, take advantage of the fresh air. You can always pretend you are somewhere else when hiking to make things more magical.

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Eat Fun Foods

The great thing about your kitchen is you can make anything you want any time of the day, especially during a staycation. On the other hand, are you craving seafood? Make your favorite fish dish. Or, are you dying to try some Cajun food? Make some red beans and rice and bring New Orleans to you!

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