5 Plants That Will Make Your Fall Garden Stand Out

A denim-clad individual watering and planting flowers

Now that the weather is cooling down and summer’s blooms are fading, it’s time to start preparing your garden for fall. These five beautiful and hardy plants should be at the top of your fall garden list!

Toad Lily

Toad lilies are perfect for your fall garden as they offer a pop of bright color but are frost-hardy. They bloom in late summer to early fall and have petals in a variety of colors including soft pink, purple, maroon, yellow, and white with leaves that are solid green, green and white, and yellow. Toad lilies look incredible when planted with hostas, ferns, and astilbe.

Russian Sage

This fall-friendly plant produces purple-blue flowers with silvery foliage that offers a unique alternative to the deep reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn. As a member of the mint family, Russian sage is drought tolerant and easy to care for. You can plant perennials, succulents, and ornamental grasses like echinacea and rudbeckia alongside your Russian sage for a truly stunning fall garden.


Colchicum’s big blooms come in various shades of pink and white, adding some bright colors to your fall garden. It’s important to know that all parts of colchicum are poisonous, so if you have a pet that’s prone to munching on your plants. Try planing colchicum near evergreen hellebores.


These bright yellow, red, and orange blooms will bring some classic fall colors to your garden. They’re tough, resistant, and easy to grow, so even a novice gardener can produce these tall, daisy-like flowers. They look great alongside celosia and daylilies!

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Sedum offers blooming foliage and large flower heads and is low maintenance – win-win! They bloom in shades of red, pink, gold, and yellow from summer all through the fall. Sedum attracts butterflies and makes a great addition to a critter-friendly garden.

Gardening is a hobby that offers relaxation and hard work side-by-side and has a big, rewarding pay-off each time a new bloom sprouts up.

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